matt duncan refreshes a restaraunt identity.

Pepper's Restaurant & Bar is a local restaurant in Boone, North Carolina that has evolved significantly since their identity system was created. Working in collaboration, Raphael Wenger and I developed a new wordmark and menu system to reference their successful heritage and simultaneously address a younger demographic.

The biggest challenge in refreshing this identity was to hold onto enough of their original roots while still enacting radical changes formally and conceptually. The primary wordmark was built drawing inspiration from wood type and Scottish pub signage, referencing the heritage of the original Pepper's logo, but making it relevant for today. In the logo lockup we paired the wordmark with a customized humanist sans to bring contrast and energy. We approached the menus by first discussing how they could advance Pepper's business goals. We developed an entirely new layout to highlight the most important items, and introduced a clear hierarchy to help customers easily find items while being exposed to as many options as possible. We added a final hint back to their original system by incorporating risograph scans of wood textures into the menu layouts, logo treatments, and other materials.