matt duncan creates experimental books.

Print + Printer is an exploration and reflection of risograph and letterpress printing in both traditional and experimental ways. An edition of 19 books were created and stitched by myself and four other collaborators: Nicholas Burkhalter, Taylor Clark, Rachael Seatvet, and Raphael Wenger.

It was such a privilege to work with both the letterpress and risograph for the first time. The letterpress deliveres such a genuine first-hand experience with type, and paired with the unique aesthetic of the risograph the possibilities were endless. Thus, one of our biggest challenges was finding the common thread to tie together our shared experience with these processes. As we developed our ideas, the book became more about exploration and reflection than on one specific subject. I gained significant experience in collaborating with a group, working unconventionally, and book-binding. I’ve found that no matter how traditional the problem, I can always find ways to incorporate this type of energy into my work.