matt duncan makes a narrative catalogue.

Toss/Keep is a narrative catalogue which outlines a systematic, yet emotional assessment of one-hundred personal belongings. The book focuses on learning to make reasonable judgements with keeping an item or not while sorting through emotions the items may trigger. It includes extended writing pieces about the process, as well as certain items in particular.

This narrative catalogue was inspired by my own habits as an arguable “hoarder,” however no where in my book do I ever use this term. Through researching the ins and outs of Compulsive Hoarding Disorder I found that although the typical diagnosis of the condition is around age fifty, an individual’s 20s and 30s are a very critical period in the development of intense keeping behaviors. I also learned about the unique way hoarders' minds derive the importance of objects. The main goals of Toss/Keep were to present the idea of keeping objects in a neutral light, to promote transparency about the issue for those who are struggling, and to expose those who do not understand these behaviors to the stories behind the objects.